Martes, Mayo 15, 2012

Of Damaged Hair and Reviving It Back

My recent trip to a local salon had been the main reason for my hair to be damaged.  I took their promo then, a P999.00 for a rebond of any length + hair cellophane.  After the treatment, my hair became brittle, thus causing it to break.  I had split ends and my hair became super dry and not smooth at all.  I have no choice but to cut it a little shorter.  It took me months before I realized that I think I should also change the hair products I’m using.  I bought Sunsilk Co-Creations Damage Repair Shampoo, Cream Silk reConstruct Damage Control Conditioner and Cream Silk Precision Repair Treatment (a weekly hair treatment), in hopes that I would be able to revive my hair back without having have to spend more.  

(This is me, look at the ends of my hair.. It looks dry & may resemble a broomstick. LOL)

I have learned my lesson and I think I need NOT state that anymore. J  I’ll keep you posted if all of the products I’ve stated were effective with my damaged hair.

How about you? Have you experienced the same? Please feel free to share yours and what did you do to revive it back?

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