Lunes, Hunyo 18, 2012

How-to: Make Custom Cupcake Toppers

Cupcake with toppers has been very popular lately, you can see it paired with customized cakes for weddings, birthdays, etc.  It gives the cake and its cupcakes the more personalized feel since themed birthdays are popular as well.  I will be giving you the step by step procedure as well as the materials on how to make Cupcake toppers. 

But first, you need to ask yourself what theme are you going to use for your event?  My upcoming event is a birthday party.  My son Raine is turning 5. He chose the Captain America Theme, it is his favorite at the moment. J

I searched on Google on what possible topper design I can make out of Captain America character, and I have chosen his shield.

Captain America Shield

Now that we have the topper design, here are the list of materials needed:

·         Photo Paper
·         Sticker Paper
·         Drinking Straw
·         Pair of Scissors
·         Printer


1.       I made the design on Microsoft Office Power Point so that I can save the file on a jpeg format.  I made it that way because I will have it printed as a photo (size 4R) using the photo paper.  I have them printed at Color Boy.

2.       Cut the shield into circles.

3.       Make another design for the back of the shield.  (I googled another design and found this)

   4.   I made it on Microsoft Office Power Point first, then transferred it to Microsoft Office Word (It is much easier to make designs on Power Point).  I have included the words “Thank You/ Raine @ 5”. (Note:  Back designs is just an option, if you opted not to put anything at the back of the topper, you can just cut the sticker paper into rectangles and stick it on the back.)

      5.       Print it on the sticker paper and cut it into circles. (Note:  Circles for the back SHOULD be smaller than the topper)

      6.  Peel off the sticker, stick it on the straw and place it at the back of the shield.  Try your best to place it on the center J

7.  Cut the straw of the topper into your desired height for the cupcake.  Place it on the middle and voila!...

Cake & Cupcakes by Mer-Nel's in Los Baños, Laguna

Have you tried making customized cupcake toppers? Please feel free to share your ideas! J

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  1. nice cake!!! I love the idea of printing your own cake toppers... mas mura and unique :)

    Mga Tugon
    1. thanks Anne Kate :) Honestly, I don't know who could do it for me, so I just decided to make one :)) It turned out ok :)

  2. Really nice! :-) Thank you for sharing this!

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