Lunes, Hulyo 23, 2012

What Facebook has taught me.

These are the random things I have learned while using Facebook.

  • Give Respect. - Have you experienced seeing your News Feed flooded with your friend's status messages?  Well, I bet we have that one Facebook friend who loves updating their status 24/7.  When I experienced such, I was like, "Is this SPAM?", "Oh my, here s/he goes again!" and my eyes started to roll.. :))  But I came to realize that this person is just writing on"his/ her very own wall" and that was the time I started to not mind whenever they post anything. :) Facebook gave us two (2) options, to Hide ( a story or person) and to Delete (a friend).  Since I chose not to delete them, I opted to just hide them.  If something displeases you, just choose from the two or just let it be.  It is their wall anyway.. :)
  • When Paranoia Attacks! - You've read a status message and it hits you.. Yeah! Right in the face!!! :))  But hey, it doesn't mean that that's you or that's for you!  Sometimes, we have some cases that we can relate to and we get paranoid!  It still happens to me, but I don't make "mega reactions' over it anymore, though sometimes I feel hurt (whether that's for me or not).. Just keep this in mind, "Do what makes you happy.. As long as you're NOT stepping on anyone's foot, I think you're doing fine.. Never mind what they say.. Gusto Ko, Happy Ka!"Just keep cool and calm down. :)  Believe me, it'll save you from a lot of trouble. :D
  • Think before you post. - I know you have seen me write and post nasty remarks over someone or anything that has happened to me, and it became overly negative that made a lot of people got depressed, mad and pissed of me.  I didn't know I had such impact on this people and when someone took the courage to tell me about that, I tried my very best to change it.  Though sometimes, I still can't help it. LOL.


Contents were based solely on my experiences.  I don't intend to pin-point anyone in particular and I have tried my best to write it on a general form as to not hurt anyone who can relate on the topics I have stated.  My intention was just to write and express the things that this social networking site taught me, nothing more.  So please be kind with your comments (if there'll be)..

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