Martes, Agosto 14, 2012

Calea Cakes from Bacolod

Eversince I learned that we'll be going to Bacolod City next month, I hurriedly checked on the web on the possible places we could visit.  But what intrigued me is that, everytime I stumble upon a blog site that say a lot about the City of Smiles, the bloggers were also raving about their food.  They say that Bacolod has a lot of good ones.  Aside from their Inasal, which they are famous of, I have been reading too about the Calea Cakes.

I am into sweets too, but it came to the point when I no longer crave for such.  But I can still say that I can appreciate a very good dessert.  One of the best chocolate cakes I know of is Mer-Nel's Cake in Los Baños, Laguna.  Another favorite is the Mango Bravo of Conti's.  Purple Oven in Oranbo, Pasig City happens to have good cakes as well.

Upon seeing lots and lots of cakes from Calea, I have chosen three (3) desserts that I think I wanna try:

(1)  Cream Puffs (I really don't know if that's the name, LOL)

(2)  Strawberry Semi- Fredo

(3)  Fruity Cheesecake

How about you, have you tasted the cakes from Calea?  What is your favorite?  Please share your experiences, as well as the photos when you went there. :)

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