Huwebes, Nobyembre 15, 2012

Bacolod City, the place I've never been to..

I have been talking about Bacolod City eversince I have learned that we will be going there.  Click here and here.  Unfortunately, for some very personal reasons, we can't join them.  I'd really love to, but can't. :(  But still, as promised, I will be sharing with you some photos which I grabbed from my sister's camera.

heavenly, right? :)

The view from the plane.. I can say, they had a very nice flight. :)

My siblings and a very close friend.. Welcome to the City of Smiles! :)

What and where they ate? :)

Bob's Restaurant

Oh look, my sister Darla, is having a feast! :) Envious! :))

 I don't know if this is also from Bob's, but the Bangus looks really yummy! :)

the Cake, but I don't think if it's from Calea.. IDK :))

The places they've been to.. :) *bitter much here, LOL*

The Bacolod City Government Center - Meet my siblings! :)

Balay Negrense

From a certain Museum? :p

My brothers, Kenny & Stephen at The Ruins.

The Ruins :)

Sorry if I have chosen very few photos.  What I have realized is that, sometimes it's NOT really the place that you've been to, but the people who you were with.  Bacolod City, I hope that someday, you'll let me see how beautiful you are, how tasty your food is, how lovely your people were!  My fingers are crossed!  See you soon, City of Smiles! :) 

Bitter No More! :)

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